Places Buyers Look When Viewing your Home

clean inside closets

You might be surprised to know which spaces in a home most buyers look at when viewing a property.

If you’re preparing your home for sale, make sure to consider the following places that are likely to be checked out:

Inside closets.

Buyers want to get a sense of the size and capacity of all your closets. Make sure they’re clean and well organized. Avoid the “overstuffed” look.


Do you think buyers will stick to the main room of your basement? Think again. Some interested buyers will also check out the furnace room, cold room, electrical box, and even crawl spaces.

Under the sinks.

Buyers will definitely look under the kitchen sink. You can expect some buyers to open the doors of bathroom vanities as well. Make sure trash bins are empty and everything looks neat and clean.


Buyers often look out windows to assess views. You can’t change what they see, but you can ensure the window itself is clean.

Sides of the property.

When it comes to outdoor space, the backyard has the biggest impact. So, do whatever you can to make it look its best. However, don’t neglect your side yard. Unsightly garbage bins, weeds, tree clippings, debris, etc. can quickly dampen a buyer’s initial enthusiasm for your property.

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