The Role of Personal Goals when Deciding to Sell

Many people decide to move for practical reasons. For example, some might be required to move due to a work relocation and others may realize that their household has changed and they are ready to downsize or upsize.

But, personal goals play an important role too.
In fact, when deciding whether or not to sell your property and find your next dream home, it’s essential to consider personal goals—your own and those of other family members too. 

After all, where you live, and the type of home you live in, can greatly impact your goals and dreams. 

For example, if you’re active in a particular sport or other hobby (such as hiking), being able to enjoy that activity locally might be an objective. If your goal is to live in a certain type of setting—urban, country, wooded, etc.—then that will definitely impact your decision to sell and move. But, even if your dream is seemingly unrelated to real estate, such as learning how to cook fine cuisine, moving might get you closer to classes or into that dream chef’s kitchen. 

A helpful exercise is to make a list of your personal goals. Then, next to each one, note how moving might help you achieve that dream. When you do this exercise, ask yourself if you would be more likely to reach an important goal if you took the leap and moved. You might discover that making a move will bring you closer to your dreams than you initially thought. So, don’t wait for practical reasons to sell. Personal goals are just as important a factor, if not more so.

Consider them when you’re deciding whether or not to move.